CSX locomotive repair facility
in Cumberland, MD

This was the third and final stop on our CSX tour.  There were dozens and dozens of locomotives on the property.  I wish I had brought more floppy disks (film) for my digital camera!

On the outside there were lots of locomotives.  Here is an SD-40-2. Lots of motive power in the 'bright future' paint scheme. Engines were constantly being cycled in.
I can remember when Chessie bought their GP15s.  I have an HO scale model of this same number unit but painted in Chessie
(the good ol' days).
SD50 8518 getting serviced... ...and a closer view of the prime mover.
# 6006 is equipped for remote control. Lots of lease power was here too. I managed to spot one SD50 painted in the new CSX paint scheme.  Yes, it does look like B&O blue!
A Helm leased unit mixed among the CSX units. These two were backing into pull a MP15 out of the building. Ex-Conrail units littered the place too.
#7740 waits its turn. #8106 is on the inspection pit. A map of the Cumberland facility posted inside the locomotive shop showing the blue flag protection directory.
Inside the locomotive shop were lots of units too. Two SD50s (ex-Seaboard units)
nose to nose.
    Traction motor being unloaded...
...and swung around... ...for use on a locomotive soon. A builder's plate on a GE AC traction motor.
The commutator of a DC traction motor. This is a locomotive wheel being serviced... ...and you can see where it has been removed from the truck.
It looks to be a massive job. The insides of a newer AC unit.  
The yellow bars underneath the locomotive are part of a contraption used to help swap out draft gear (couplers).  It was invented by workers in the shop who consequently won an award. A huge 100 ton crane can take care of any lifting chore the shop would require. The inner workings of a locomotive throttle.
I barely caught unit # 5000 has a special 'Diversity in Action' logo on the side.